New SONNET and SONNET EAS Rechargeable Battery Kit

We are happy to inform you about the new SONNET and SONNET EAS Rechargeable Battery Kit which allows SONNET and SONNET EAS users to choose between two different rechargeable battery packs; a standard and a micro. This Rechargeable Battery Kit consists of a modern charging station with USB sticks and LED lights to indicate charging status as well as two standard and two micro battery packs.
The standard rechargeable battery pack allows up to 10 hours of battery lifetime and the micro up to 7 hours. The weight of the SONNET processors is 9.6 gr. for the bigger battery pack and only 8.3 gr. for the smaller one.
Release date: Summer 2016

Sonnet Rechargeable Battery Kit


New SONNET and SONNET EAS Mini Battery Pack for Children

The new SONNET and SONNET EAS Mini Battery Pack is a wearing option especially made for children. The small battery pack adapter together with the SONNET and SONNET EAS CPU is only 46.7mm long and weighs ca 6 grams. The Mini Battery Pack have the possibility of using either a AAA battery which allows 37 hours battery life or a DaCapo rechargeable battery which gives 16 hours of battery life.

SONNET Mini Battery Pack for children


New DL-Coil for SONNET and SONNET EAS users

The new DL–Coil is compatible with the SONNET and SONNET EAS Audio Processor and includes several child-friendly features as for instance:

  • A LED link-check indicator which lets parents see at a glance that SONNET and SONNET EAS is correctly connected with the implant. The bicolor LED indicator briefly blinks when the coil is initially placed over the implant.
  • Five strengths of adjustable coil magnets which can easily fine tune for optimal comfort and security. Interchangeable covers are available in 12 colors and provide simple, inexpensive options for customization
  • Locking cable connection that ensures uninterrupted hearing
  • Reinforced coil cables in three lengths (6.5cm, 9.0cm and 28cm)
  • IP 54 splash proof

“These new features demonstrate our continuing commitment to providing the best possible solution for children. SONNET is the ideal choice for children, and with the new DL-Coil, it’s easier than ever for parents to know that their child is always connected to the best possible hearing,” said Helmut Bosetti, Senior Product Manager of External Systems at MED-EL.

Coin for SONNET (EAS) Audio Processor


Water Wear summer offer

This fully waterproof cover enables recipients to experience their best hearing during an even greater variety of activities and sports, from swimming to snorkelling. WaterWear is already available for RONDO, MED-EL’s one-of-a-kind single-unit processor.
WaterWear packs include three covers, each of which can be used up to three times for up to 16 hours at a time. The cover can be used in chlorinated water as well as fresh- and saltwater and has been tested at a water depth of four meters. The remarkably thin cover will not compromise microphone performance, so recipients can be in and around water while enjoying excellent hearing performance.
For more information on how to use the WaterWear for OPUS 2, SONNET and SONNET EAS see our YouTube Video.
WaterWear was developed to enable MED-EL users to benefit from their best hearing in more listening situations than ever before. Recipients and candidates can order WaterWear by contacting us directly over MEDELkatalogen or over

WaterWear Summer Offer 2016

Buy 10 WaterWear packages for your RONDO, SONNET and SONNET EAS or OPUS 2 and get a 25% discount. This offer is valid until the 30th of September, 2016.

WaterWear for SONNET and OPUS 2 Audio Processors


Why MRI Matters

Your patient needs an MRI scan and you need results fast. With MED-EL hearing implants*, you won’t need to schedule surgery to have the magnet removed. For you, this means instant access to MRI. For your patients, this means no discomfort, no additional surgery, and no hearing downtime.

We’ve put together an infographic to explain to cochlear implant candidates what MRI means for them and how SYNCHRONY provides the highest level of 3.0 T MRI safety.*

You can use the infographic to easily show your patients why MRI matters.

*Follow all MRI conditions detailed in the instructions for use.


Hear better with ALD’s

You can hear better, in noisy situations and beyond, with Assistive Listening Devices. ALDs are accessories that connect with your audio processor and can be used in a wide variety of situations throughout your day.

Our series of ALD blog posts explains many of the different situations where you can hear better with an ALD. Click on the links below to find out how ALDS could help improve your hearing:


Tips for using RONDO, SONNET and SONNET EAS

Get great tips for using your audio processors with these brand-new hands-on videos. Learn how to change the batteries, magnets, use the drying kit, and more.

Check out the tips at the MED-EL Youtube-page »